July 13, 2023

Kitchen too hard to clean? Showcasing organic tips for cleaning your kitchen

One of the best, cheapest and most natural ways to clean your kitchen is to use common kitchen items such as salt and water, salt and vinegar, and salt and lemon juice. These methods can clean plates, pots and pans as well as any kitchen items. Think about it, you can clean a room in your house for as little as $15 for a packet of salt, $30 for a bottle of vinegar, and $40 for a packet of baking soda, whereas it would cost you several times as much to buy chemical cleaners for the same sponges & scouring pads amount of use.

[The Wonderful Uses of Vinegar

Vinegar is like an all-purpose cleaner, because vinegar is acetic acid, which can be dissolved in oil, and can easily take away oil stains after wiping. In addition, vinegar can be used to wipe the metal handle on the cabinet can also prevent rust.

1. The treatment of non-stick pan is very simple, do not have to pour the remaining oil into the sink, as long as the cooking is completed so that the grease condensation with paper towels after wiping. If there is still residual grease, just clean it directly with vinegar. Alternatively, you can pour out all the oil in the pan, then sprinkle two cups of salt on the bottom of the pan to completely soak in the oil and wipe with a paper towel.

2. Whenever you clean the outer edges of a skillet or deep fryer, wipe them with a rag soaked in vinegar to quickly remove the oil.

3. Soak a baking tray in the oven in a mixture of two cups of vinegar and one litre of hot water for one hour to remove any residue immediately. If you have metal or aluminium baking trays,eco washing up spongewipe them with a 1:1 mixture of salt and vinegar and then dry them.

4. If you're used to baking in the oven in regular pans, but you're having trouble washing them, mix a cup of apple cider vinegar with three tablespoons of sugar and pour it into the roasting pan after baking, wait for it to cool down, then wash it with hot, soapy water, and then rinse it with clean water. Because sugar can absorb oil, if the sugar is dissolved in water can make the oil easier to dissolve with sugar water.

Rust Removal Tips

Potatoes can prevent rust spots. Sprinkle some salt onnatural luffahalf a potato, and wipe the rusted area with the salt-soaked side of the potato, and the rust spots will naturally disappear. This is because the potato is coated with granular salt, which can be used to rub or friction to produce a sandpaper-like effect that brightens metal objects.

Tips for removing odours

To remove the burnt flavour of onions, peppers or eggs left in a pan, simply wash the pan with vinegar to get rid of the strange smell. The principle is that vinegar can combine with certain chemicals that produce the smell, and after a chemical change, the smell disappears. Maintenance of Small Kitchen Appliances In the kitchen, appliances can easily become greasy from fumes.

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