October 24, 2023

The principle and application of multilayer pcb board

I. Principles of multilayer pcb boards.

multilayer pcb fabrication with single-sided and double-sided board between the biggest difference is that the enterprise increased the company's internal control power supply layer and grounding layer. Power and ground for the network is mainly routed on the working power layer. pcb multilayer board on each substrate layer on both sides of the development of a conductive metal, and can use some special adhesive will be combined together with the board connection, and the purpose of the existence of insulating structural materials between each board. However, PCB multilayer wiring systems are mainly studied based on social top and bottom layers, supplemented by intermediate wiring layers.

Therefore, PCB factory the design method of multilayer printed circuit boards is basically the same as that of double-sided printed circuit boards. The key is how to optimize the wiring of the internal electrical layer, so that the circuit board wiring is more reasonable. Multi-functional development of inevitable products with large capacity and small size.

PCB is a kind of printed circuit board, so the common PCB is several layers bonded together, each layer has a resin insulating substrate and metal line layer. The most basic PCB is divided into four layers, the top and bottom circuits are functional circuits, arranging the most important circuits and components, and the two middle circuits are the grounding and power supply layers. This has the advantage that the signal lines can be corrected and are better shielded from interference.

Generally, 4 layers are sufficient for PCB operation, so the so-called 6, 8 and 10 layers are actually more circuit layers added to increase the PCB's electrical capacity, i.e. its ability to withstand stress. Therefore, an increase in the number of PCB layers means that more circuits can be designed in-house.

For memory, when is it necessary to increase the number of PCB layers? Based on the above, it is clear that it is when the electrical strength of the PCB is too high. When is the voltage and current of the memory PCB strongest? Gamers who have played with overclocking will know that memory must be pressurized to increase the operating frequency for better performance. So it's not hard to conclude when memory can be used at high frequencies or overclocked.

Advantages of multi-layer PCB boards.

The laminate is smaller and lighter, which makes it ideal for smartphones or computers, or other products that require versatile packaging. There are also some special benefits:.

1. Multi-layer PCBs allow the product to gain more functionality.

High assembly density means the product can extend the life of the board.

3. The structure is simpler when the product does not require multiple connectors on separate PCBs.

4. In the manufacturing development stage students carry out management rigorous testing workflow Q means that high quality, efficient products will be obtained.

The electrical characteristics of multilayer printed circuit boards are faster than single layer printed circuit boards.

6. Depending on the number of layers to be added, multilayer PCBs are usually well suited for both rigid and flexible structures.

Currently the frequency of high-end memory generally starts at 3600 MHz, for safety and electrical stability, 8-layer PCBs are basically standard, some even up to 10. The performance difference between 8-layer and 10-layer PCBs of the same format is negligible for everyday users, but for professional overclocking players, the latter allows them to obtain higher frequencies.

Third, the use of multilayer PCBs.

Many different industries and product information can benefit from the use of multi-layer PCBs and from us, especially because of the durability, functionality and lightweight nature of multi-layer PCBs. Here are some of the products that companies can often use as well as these boards:


Heart monitors

Fire alarms

GPS and satellite systems

Industrial controls


Do you know what the four layers of a PCB are called?

Protection engineering technology for the use of multilayer circuit boards on PCBs

How do printed multilayer circuit boards work?

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